The Uchai Isles

The Uchai Isles are a vibrant collection of city-states and tribal governments, on a peninsula of tropical islands in the middle of the Crescent Sea. They depend on trade for their livelihood, and worship a variety of nature spirits and ancestor spirits. They are a deeply devout people, who cover everything-even their bodies-in religious symbols.

The main isle has several holy sites:

-The Eye is an ancient mine of diamonds and crystals that is now a sacred site, where mining is forbidden. It is believed to be the eye of the spirit world.

-The Fist is an ancient stone statue of a fist rising up out of the ground. The locals believe it is an actual fist of a spirit, that rose up to smite evil on the surface.

-The Heart is a dormant volcano crater, which the Uchai believe will awake to cleanse the island if the Uchai stray from their faith.

-The Second Eye is a fabled, forbidden place on the island, believed to serve as a conduit for dark spirits and foul beings.

The Uchai Isles

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