Soratos is a massive city-state on the northern coast of the Crescent Sea. It has a long history, and has served as the capital for hundreds of different empires. Dozens of cultures, races and religions make the massive city their home.

The city is a hub of technological development, trade, commerce and maritime travel. It serves as a free-trade zone, where anyone can trade in nearly any sort of product. Goods from all over the world-and beyond-can be found here.

Soratos has been ruled for the past two centuries by the Eldritch Princes: a council of warlocks that have made pacts with various shadowy beings in order to ensure the security of Soratos. Many would-be conquerors have tried to take over the city, only for their efforts to be foiled by powerful magic unleashed by the patrons of the Eldritch Princes.

Its laws are strictly enforced by armies of golems, elementals and constructs created by the Princes.

The elven residents of the city form a caste-like society of engineers, builders and artisans. Many also serve in the city’s military as engineers and sappers.


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