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    [[Cernun's Hold | Cernun's Hold]] [[The Crescent Sea | The Crescent Sea]] [[Exile's End | Exile's End]] [[The Prophets' Grave | The Prophets' Grave]] [[Radvar's Ribs | Radvar's Ribs]] [[Soratos | Soratos]] [[The Wyrmwood | The Wyrmwood]] …

  • The Uchai Isles

    The Uchai Isles are a vibrant collection of city-states and tribal governments, on a peninsula of tropical islands in the middle of the Crescent Sea. They depend on trade for their livelihood, and worship a variety of nature spirits and ancestor spirits. …

  • Soratos

    Soratos is a massive city-state on the northern coast of the Crescent Sea. It has a long history, and has served as the capital for hundreds of different empires. Dozens of cultures, races and religions make the massive city their home. The city is a …

  • The Crescent Sea

    The Crescent Sea is a massive inland sea, so named because it is vaguely crescent-shaped. The coasts and islands of the Sea are home to a dizzying array of cultures and nations.

  • Exile's End

    A large fortress built upon an island that sits within the confluence of three great rivers. The fortress serves as a comfortable prison for hostages and noble convicts, including failed pretenders to the throne, madness-afflicted royal relatives and …

  • Cernun's Hold

    The remote seat of the Manesguard family. It is located in a rough, remote and heavily forested area of Gower. It was once ruled by fierce sea raiders, but the Manesguard family defeated them, and were entrusted with ruling and watching over the region.

  • Radvar's Ribs

    A large, mountainous region that is home to a few mines, a handful of dwarven enclaves and a few barbaric tribes. Until recently, it was beyond the rule of the crown, but the Blessed Talons lead a campaign there to secure it for the king.

  • The Wyrmwood

    A large forest in the southern part of Gower. Like Radvar's Ribs, it is a region that the crown has mostly left untouched. It is inhabited by a handful of elves, halflings, gnomes, along with small communities of woodsmen and farmers. It is named for the …