Tales of the Crescent Sea

Session Fourteen

Of Storms and Crowns

The party interrogated the captive Hadarai and Ghesh. The former revealed that he was hunting Ghesh, to stop him from unleashing the power of the Dead God. He showed no remorse for slaying Will’s family, and the dragonborn finished him off with a blast of his fiery breath.

Ghesh, after having his arm amputated by Loddur, revealed that he and his friend, Nesgar, had been pursuing artifacts of the Dead God, in order to ‘ascend’ into draconic form. He revealed that the Gower chapter of the Blessed Talons was corrupt, and sworn personally to them, rather than to Hakuun.

They planned on finding all the relics of the Dead God within Gower, and using them to turn themselves into dragons. They intended to take over Gower completely with the aid of the corrupt knights. Ghesh revealed that Nesgar had already likely ascended to a draconic form, and was likely already on his way to the capital to lay waste to it, creating a power vacuum so the Blessed Talons could take over.

Loddur executed Ghesh, and the party found a grisly chamber used for blood magic: the blood of dozens of noble prisoners was being used to unlock the power of a small, pearl-sized Essence Stone.

The party then set out, bluffing their way through the ranks of the Blessed Talons. They commandeered a Blessed Talon ship and made their way south along the river. Upon making a stop in a small village to dump off the noble prisoners, they ran into a Blessed Talon patrol: made up of the same men that had stopped them at the checkpoint a few days before.

The Talons attacked, and a fight on the docks ensued. The knights were defeated, but the alarm was raised, and a surviving knight and the villagers scattered to spread the alarm.

The party was hotly pursued by the corrupt Blessed Talons, but they managed to either defeat or evade their pursuers at every turn.

As they made their way south, they found themselves caught in an intense, unnatural storm. Torrents of rain and hail, along with gusts of wind, shredded the countryside.

They pressed on through the raging storm, making it to Tidewatch. Thousands of refugees were attempting to escape the horrific storms, and some revealed that a black and silver dragon was rampaging through the city, summoning the storms in the process.

The party was attacked by the dragon, which had already destroyed the royal palace. After a bloody fight in the streets, the dragon retreated, flying off to the east. The storms abated, however, and the heroes headed to the palace.

There, they found that the nobles were grieving the death of the young king, who had been slain in the dragon attack. It seemed Duke Davin was now the unofficial ruler of Gower: his wife, the king’s sister, had been slain. Thus the royal family of Gower had been extinguished.

Loddur revealed that his mistress and son were safe: he thanked them, and officially pardoned them to end the hunts against them. He offered them weapons from the royal armory and a sum of gold for their help.

But he revealed that dark days were ahead for Gower: with the royal family dead, civil war was likely to erupt. Yet he still believed that Nesgar needed killed, so he offered a great fortune and his island estate as a reward if the beast was killed.


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