Tales of the Crescent Sea

Session Thirteen

Exile's End

Upon escaping into the swamp, Garryk and Loddur engaged in a brief scuffle, as a result of the former’s anger for turning on the Blessed Talons and endangering his family as a result.

Pressing on into the swamps, they encountered three hags, whose twisted and befuddling magic was little match for the party. Upon defeating the hags, the party moved on. They eventually made camp, and their dreams were disturbed by the arrival of Malyse, a legendary witch of the swamps.

She explained that Hadarai had come through her lands, and had offered several trinkets and the eyes of slain poachers in exchange for safe passage, and in exchange for summoning wild allies for him.

Malyse explained that Hadarai was in pursuit of Ghesh, whom Hadarai claimed was using the power of the Dead God for wicked ends. Ghesh was at Exile’s End, using the prisoners there for twisted experiments and blood magic.

After offering Garryk’s signet ring and a stunningly beautiful song from Vintari, Malyse agreed to spirit the party closer to the great fortress.

The party arrived at a village that had been destroyed by Hadarai’s wild horde of animals. After commandeering a fishing boat, the party made their way to the prison island, slaying a giant crocodile in the process.

There, they found the fortress and its garrison of Blessed Talons under assault by a hydra and an army of beasts. They aided the Talons in slaying the hydra, then pressed into the keep, in pursuit of Ghesh and Hadarai.

After slaying a band of corrupt Blessed Talons, the party burst in on a duel between Hadarai and Ghesh. With them was a young woman and a child, cowering in terror.

The druid and the dragonborn sorcerer were both defeated, and the young woman revealed that her name was Lestra, and that she was Duke Davin’s mistress, and the boy with her was his bastard. She explained that she and her son had been kidnapped by Ghesh, Commander Nesgar-the commander of the Gower chapter of the Blessed Talons. They had done so in order to blackmail Davin into helping them.


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