The Blessed Talons

The Order of the Blessed Talon an international paramilitary force of adventurers, mages and warriors dedicated to Hakuun. They began centuries ago as a humble band of adventurers who rose up to help thwart a plot to bring down Hakuun, but they have grown in size, power and influence over the years.

Now they are a superpower in their own right, but with few lands of their own. Instead they operate from shrines, chapterhouses, citadels and enclaves scattered across the world.

Their initial mission was to save Hakuun from cultists that plotted against him. But over the years, the Order has become more self-focused, and has used their stated mission as an excuse to further their own interests.

They have used their influence to convince several governments to aid the Order in seizing lands and property of their foes, in order to gain even more wealth and power. Many wars have been fought at the Order’s behest, and many monarchs are vassals to the Order in all but name.

In some places, however, the Order is undoubtedly a force for good. They can often be found policing violent slums that the constables and city watchmen fear to tread, and often protect vulnerable settlements and travelers in remote regions and in the frontier. The Order also has a small army of healers, clerics and paladins at their disposal, that travel the world to combat plagues and other ailments.

Most members of the Order are known as Dragon Knights, Talon Knights or simply as Talons. They wear armor carved to resemble dragon scales, with helmets carved in the shape of dragons’ heads.

The Blessed Talons

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