Tales of the Crescent Sea

Session Four
The Cleansing of the Isles

The party launches a desperate assault at the holy volcanic crater of the Heart, seeking to defeat Kinrasha’s fellow Thornwalkers.

The Thornwalkers resort to blood magic, summoning horrific abominations from the bodies of their dying hostages. Despite their barbaric tactics, the druids are defeated, and the captives are freed.

With the captives freed, a being that is an embodiment of the spirits of the Isles appears, to thank the party for aiding its people. It informs them that Kinrasha and her comrades were using blood magic in an attempt to bind the island spirits, to demand answers of them regarding the Second Eye.

The spirit reveals that the Second Eye is not a place on the island, rather it is a strange, black gem, that was taken from the Isles by ancient dwarven raiders. Loderr reveals that this gem appears to match the description of the gem kept within The Hammer of Tordek. The spirit also reveals that Nazir is en route to the capital, but agrees to heal the party and warn the Rajah of the usurper’s coming attack.

The party then returns to their boat, to find a scene of slaughter. All of the sailors, save the dwarf Vana, have been slain, and Kinrasha has escaped.

The party sails back to the capital, to find it under attack. Nazir and his men were at the gates, attacking with the aid of a corrupted dragoncat. Loderr deals the killing blow to the great beast, while Wil’s holy vengeance smites and destroys Nazir.

With the battle won, the dead are mourned and buried, and a celebration breaks out. The party is granted rewards from the Rajah and his advisers, and the party then agrees to continue on to Soratos, both to sell off their gains from their adventures, and to investigate tales that Kinrasha had hired the Crimson Company for another job in the city.

Session Three
Strife at the Eye

The party leaves behind the fishing village and heads north towards the Eye.

They encounter flocks of eyeless, magical crows that are serving as scouts for Nazir and his mercenaries. After defeating the crows, they continue their advance, avoiding the patrols of the Crimson Company.

They make it to the sacred diamond deposit of the Eye, and find that the Crimson Company and a mysterious druid have kidnapped local Uchai villagers to pillage the holy site. They launch an attack that frees the miners and defeats the mercenaries. The druid is revealed to be Kinrasha: she is defeated and captured while trying to escape.

Kinrasha is interrogated, but speaks cryptically. She is revealed to be a member of the Thornwalkers: an extremist druidic cult dedicated to defending the wild by any means necessary. She reveals that she has been using Nazir as a pawn for her own ends, which remain a mystery.

The party learns from Kinrasha and the freed villagers that Nazir is out hunting for the adventurers, and that the missing senior priest is most likely at the Heart, a sacred dormant volcano, with many other missing villagers.

The party heads to the Heart, and finds a few of Kinrasha’s comrades as well as elite members of the Crimson Company guarding dozens of captured villagers and the senior priest. It seems that the blood of the villagers is being used as part of a ritual of dark magic.

Session Two
Pilgrimage of Blood

The party meets with Rajah Kamal, the ruler of the island. He explains that his brother, Nazir, has risen in rebellion against him, using sorcery and mercenaries to nearly overwhelm the Rajah’s garrison. He then fled into the jungle, and Kamal believes that Nazir is perhaps behind the trouble afflicting the astrolabes.

Also causing concern is the disappearance of the elder priest of the port town’s shrine, who had gone on a pilgrimage into the island, and has not returned.

The party agrees to aid the Rajah in exchange for compensation, and set out by rowboat to skirt the coast of the island, to investigate the various holy sites that the elder priest or Nazir could be located at.

They encounter Aelar, a human mercenary from the Crimson Company, who is on the run from his former comrades. After scaring off his pursuers, the party tends the mercenary’s wounds and learns a great deal of information.

They learn that Nazir hired the Crimson Company to help search the island for a fabled holy site known as the ‘Second Eye.’ Aelar also reveals that Nazir has been using brutal methods and blood magic to summon and bind the local nature spirits to further his cause. Aelar had deserted due to the barbarity of those tactics.

After a bit of pressing, Aelar divulges that a hooded woman named Kinrasha is serving as Nazir’s aide, and it seems she is the one behind the blood rituals and the more savage tactics. Aelar then goes on his way, to get word to Captain Madish and the Rajah about what has transpired.

The party advances up the coast, heading towards a location known as the Eye: an ancient diamond and crystal mine that is now a holy site, dedicated to the nature spirits of the island. They spot the ship of the Crimson Company, docked upon the beach. In a daring night-time raid, they seize the ship, and with the aid of Madish’s sailors and the gruff dwarfess Vana, they sail the ship away from the beach, befuddling the mercenaries still on land.

Aboard, they discovered a deck full of empty beast-cages, along with two drunk mercenaries that are tricked into divulging more information about Nazir and his plans.

The party then returns to shore, a little ways south on the coast from the sacred mine. They travel northwards by land, encountering an abandoned fishing village. There, they find the grisly marks of twisted magical rituals to bind and drain the power of the local nature spirits. They also encounter a pack of jungle cats that seem tainted by the dark magic. After a short fight, they manage to defeat the beasts and liberate them from their torment.

Session One
Trouble on the High Seas

During the first session, a party of six adventurers found themselves aboard the Orcish Wind, a passenger vessel crossing the Crescent Sea.

After passing through a portion of the sea seemingly devoid of life, the ship was attacked by a pack of water elementals, and the ship’s magical astrolabe went haywire, leading the ship off course.

Thanks to the insight of the party, the ship was able to chart a course to land, and arrived in the Uchai Islands. Once there, the party discovered that the other merchant ships were also experiencing problems with their astrolabes. Some haggling by the warlock Beliel resulted in the captains promising great rewards if the party managed to solve the astrolabe problem.

An apprentice priest informed the party that his master might be able to help, but he was currently on a pilgrimage, and had yet to return.


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