Tales of the Crescent Sea

Session Two

Pilgrimage of Blood

The party meets with Rajah Kamal, the ruler of the island. He explains that his brother, Nazir, has risen in rebellion against him, using sorcery and mercenaries to nearly overwhelm the Rajah’s garrison. He then fled into the jungle, and Kamal believes that Nazir is perhaps behind the trouble afflicting the astrolabes.

Also causing concern is the disappearance of the elder priest of the port town’s shrine, who had gone on a pilgrimage into the island, and has not returned.

The party agrees to aid the Rajah in exchange for compensation, and set out by rowboat to skirt the coast of the island, to investigate the various holy sites that the elder priest or Nazir could be located at.

They encounter Aelar, a human mercenary from the Crimson Company, who is on the run from his former comrades. After scaring off his pursuers, the party tends the mercenary’s wounds and learns a great deal of information.

They learn that Nazir hired the Crimson Company to help search the island for a fabled holy site known as the ‘Second Eye.’ Aelar also reveals that Nazir has been using brutal methods and blood magic to summon and bind the local nature spirits to further his cause. Aelar had deserted due to the barbarity of those tactics.

After a bit of pressing, Aelar divulges that a hooded woman named Kinrasha is serving as Nazir’s aide, and it seems she is the one behind the blood rituals and the more savage tactics. Aelar then goes on his way, to get word to Captain Madish and the Rajah about what has transpired.

The party advances up the coast, heading towards a location known as the Eye: an ancient diamond and crystal mine that is now a holy site, dedicated to the nature spirits of the island. They spot the ship of the Crimson Company, docked upon the beach. In a daring night-time raid, they seize the ship, and with the aid of Madish’s sailors and the gruff dwarfess Vana, they sail the ship away from the beach, befuddling the mercenaries still on land.

Aboard, they discovered a deck full of empty beast-cages, along with two drunk mercenaries that are tricked into divulging more information about Nazir and his plans.

The party then returns to shore, a little ways south on the coast from the sacred mine. They travel northwards by land, encountering an abandoned fishing village. There, they find the grisly marks of twisted magical rituals to bind and drain the power of the local nature spirits. They also encounter a pack of jungle cats that seem tainted by the dark magic. After a short fight, they manage to defeat the beasts and liberate them from their torment.


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