Tales of the Crescent Sea

Session Three

Strife at the Eye

The party leaves behind the fishing village and heads north towards the Eye.

They encounter flocks of eyeless, magical crows that are serving as scouts for Nazir and his mercenaries. After defeating the crows, they continue their advance, avoiding the patrols of the Crimson Company.

They make it to the sacred diamond deposit of the Eye, and find that the Crimson Company and a mysterious druid have kidnapped local Uchai villagers to pillage the holy site. They launch an attack that frees the miners and defeats the mercenaries. The druid is revealed to be Kinrasha: she is defeated and captured while trying to escape.

Kinrasha is interrogated, but speaks cryptically. She is revealed to be a member of the Thornwalkers: an extremist druidic cult dedicated to defending the wild by any means necessary. She reveals that she has been using Nazir as a pawn for her own ends, which remain a mystery.

The party learns from Kinrasha and the freed villagers that Nazir is out hunting for the adventurers, and that the missing senior priest is most likely at the Heart, a sacred dormant volcano, with many other missing villagers.

The party heads to the Heart, and finds a few of Kinrasha’s comrades as well as elite members of the Crimson Company guarding dozens of captured villagers and the senior priest. It seems that the blood of the villagers is being used as part of a ritual of dark magic.


JKurtz JKurtz

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