Tales of the Crescent Sea

Session Ten

The Justice of the Dead Kings

The party returns to the royal court, where they learn that Kinrasha has demanded a trial by combat.

Will, Garryk and Loddur volunteer to stand against her, and the party and a great crowd heads to the Proving Grounds: a large arena built into the side of the mountain itself.

The king of Norvar, bearing the Hammer of Tordek, oversees the fight.

After a bloody battle, Kinrasha is slain by Will, but Thornwalkers in the crowd enact a spell that breaches the king’s defensive wards and activates the gem within the Hammer of Tordek.

The power of the Dead God is unleashed, slaying the king and causing an explosion that triggers the collapse of the arena. Many Norvar nobles and priests are slain, but the party manages to escape, taking with them the Hammer and several other trophies.

The party escapes the city and heads south, towards the lands of Clan Emdor. On the way, Belial investigates the Hammer and catches a glimpse of the hellish moment of the Dead God’s defeat. In draconic, the dying god tells Belial to seek the ‘Fulcrums,’ which Vintari knows are important, key notes of the Song of Creation. They are fabled, legendary pieces of musical magic and power.

While they camp, another Thornwalker comes to visit them. He names himself Soveliss, and explains that he is Kinrasha’s brother, and a moderate Thornwalker. He thanks the party for bringing an end to his sister’s extremism, and informs them of Hadarai, the last remaining member of Kinrasha’s sect within the druidic order. Hadarai has fled to Gower, in pursuit of Tazdorim’s unknown brother, who is also researching the Dead God.

Upon arriving in the lands of Clan Emdor and revealing the reclaimed Hammer of Tordek, Loddur’s honor is redeemed and the party is welcomed with a grand feast.


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