Tales of the Crescent Sea

Session Six

Chaos in the Streets

The party discovers that the strange boy at the library-temple is one of the Eldritch Princes: a member of the ruling council of warlocks that governs Soratos.

After easing his suspicions, the party learns that the Thornwalkers and their Crimson Company allies have been causing a stir in his city, much to his concern. He offers to help the party by hiring other sellswords to mount an expedition to the Prophets’ Grave, where the Crimson Company has their base camp. He also offers the party an adventuring charter if they drive out the Thornwalkers and their mercenaries. Such a document would allow the party to incorporate their own mercenary company.

The party heads for the market to look for supplies. There, they meet Katharn, the mother of Loddur and a skilled smith and artisan. Vintari asks for her to add an Uchai diamond to his instrument, and she requires drakes’ blood in order to mold the diamond. She tells the party that drake’s blood is a valuable commodity for the smiths of the city. Fetching drake’s blood would likely net them a large price.

The party heads for the sewers in search of a sewer drake. There, they encounter several adult drakes, as well as swarms of younger ones, and a mad gnome who rides a larger drake. They defeat the drakes, the swarms and the strange ‘sewer king,’ and collect the blood.

While recuperating in a tavern near the sewer entrance, they are ambushed by three Thornwalkers, who kill many bystanders and tavern patrons in the process. The party is badly bloodied, but manage to kill the Thornwalkers.

After recovering, they decide to head back to the ship to the regroup. They are intercepted by three knights of the Blessed Talon, one of whom is wounded by Belial. The knights reveal that they were there to warn them, and help the party foil another assassination plot.

The knights of the Blessed Talon reveal that the Thornwalkers are their common enemy, and agree to help the party assault the camp within the Prophets’ Grave. They part ways, but the party is tailed by raven familiars of the Thornwalkers. After turning the tables and ambushing and killing most of the bards, the party moves on.

They spot another impending ambush in a large city square. The mercenaries who ambushed them are members of the Armored Prayer, another mercenary group. It seems that they have come to collect a bounty on the party’s heads. The mercenaries are defeated, but an innocent noblewoman is nearly killed by Belial after she was used as a human shield.

The last surviving mercenary abandoned his human shield, then attempted to flee.


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