Tales of the Crescent Sea

Session Seven

The Grave of the Prophets

The surviving mercenary of the band that ambushed the party escaped into the teeming streets of the city. The party then returned to the ship, where they recuperated. A messenger from the Eldritch Prince informed them of what he had learned: the Crimson Company was operating under the command of Tazdorim: a dragonborn mercenary mage infamous for his arcane experiments. He and his men had set up camp at one of the many forts within the blighted battlefields of the Prophets’ Grave.

The party met up with mercenaries hired by the Prince, along with a small band of Blessed Talons. They began the march towards the Grave, stopping for the night in the village of Shieldrest. There, they began to feel the effects of the Grave: lingering fear and dread, that worsened the closer they got to the old battlefields.

The party camped out within the Grave. During the night, the camp was bombarded from afar by bolts of lightning that killed many of the mercenaries. Armored lightning elementals soon attacked as well, cutting down many more mercenaries and knights before the creatures were defeated. Vintari managed to convince most of the surviving mercenaries not to abandon the quest, and the band moved on.

The company took shelter within the bones of long-dead giants. Belial’s imp kept watch, and spotted a hunting pack of Bloodfauns. The band neared the camp and issued a challenge to combat. The party accepted, and sent out champions to face the wild warriors.

After a short battle, the leader and several other Bloodfauns were slain. Will managed to convince the beasts to back down as a matter of honor. The new leader of the pack, impressed by the honor and ferocity of the party, reveals that the Crimson Company was heading north to Caer Yosh, a fort within Prophets’ Grave. He also agreed to summon the other hunting packs, to form an army to fight the hated ‘Red Men’ of the Crimson Company.

With their new allies, the party headed north, coming across the heavily guarded Caer Yosh. Belial’s imp scouted ahead, and opened the gates so the Bloodfauns and the party could storm in. Many Bloodfauns were killed by Tazdorim’s magic, but the others engaged the mercenaries in a bloody battle.

The party, meanwhile, engaged Tazdorim and his bodyguards. His guards were easily slain, and Tazdorim withdrew to a great well of electrical energy, drawing on it for a dark ritual. The energy appeared to rip cracks in reality itself, giving the party a glimpse to the horrific moments of the legendary death of the Dead God. The magic begins to reanimate many of the fallen Bloodfauns and mercenaries.

Tazdorim is killed when he loses control of the ritual. Through a combination of magic and ‘feeding’ the energy well with objects and enemies, the party manages to end the ritual. But before the energy fades, they get a brief glimpse of the Dead God himself, who says only the words: ‘End this.’


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