Tales of the Crescent Sea

Session One

Trouble on the High Seas

During the first session, a party of six adventurers found themselves aboard the Orcish Wind, a passenger vessel crossing the Crescent Sea.

After passing through a portion of the sea seemingly devoid of life, the ship was attacked by a pack of water elementals, and the ship’s magical astrolabe went haywire, leading the ship off course.

Thanks to the insight of the party, the ship was able to chart a course to land, and arrived in the Uchai Islands. Once there, the party discovered that the other merchant ships were also experiencing problems with their astrolabes. Some haggling by the warlock Beliel resulted in the captains promising great rewards if the party managed to solve the astrolabe problem.

An apprentice priest informed the party that his master might be able to help, but he was currently on a pilgrimage, and had yet to return.


JKurtz JKurtz

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