Tales of the Crescent Sea

Session Nine

Madness in High Norvak

The party boards an airship manned by Clan Goruun, courtesy of Lady Vistra. They set sail on the rickety vessel, making for High Norvak, the capital of the Norvar.

On the way, they are attacked by clanless sky pirates. Although the pirates were defeated, the airship’s engines could not handle the strain of the added weight from the battle. The ship’s engines failed, and it was crash landed in the midst of Clan Norvar farmland.

They made their way north, to a small farming town, where they learned that Kinrasha had recently passed through, heading for the capital.

The party pursued, arriving in the great underground city of High Norvak. They headed for the royal court, intent on using the writ given to them by Lady Vistra, to turn the royal court against Kinrasha.

They found the drow at court, mingling with the dwarven nobles and priests.

The party immediately set about to enacting a scheme to replace Kinrasha’s official writ with a forged one, framing her for a grave crime.

To do so, Garryk and Loddur distracted most of Kinrasha’s guards, while Belial and Vintari used magic to assume the guises of other Norvar priests. They attempted to raise the priests’ suspicions about Kinrasha’s writ and her motives. The priests saw through the ruse and attempted to arrest them, but the pair caused a great distraction in court when they assumed Kinrasha’s face and raced across the grand hall.

Belial rushed Kinrasha in an attempt to shove her down to swap the writ; Wil managed to knock her down, and in the ensuing chaos, Belial was able to swap the forged writ for Kinrasha’s legitimate one.

Kinrasha demanded that her attackers be arrested, displaying what she believed to be an official writ as a means of defense. When the priests examined her writ and found it to be a forgery, she was placed under arrest for attempting to defraud the king.


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