Tales of the Crescent Sea

Session Eleven

The Weaves of Thought

The party departs the lands of Clan Emdor, after celebrating the defeat of Norvar. They fly on an airship back to the port of Clan Gorunn, where they link up with Captain Vana and her ship, freshly returned from Gower, from where they brought news.

The young king of Gower had recently ascended to the throne, and things were looking grim, until a dragonborn sorcerer named Ghesh arrived to serve as the boy’s tutor. The kingdom turned around overnight: the boy king made several wise decisions, and the lands suddenly became quite fertile and bountiful.

While en route to Gower, Belial’s familiar informed the party that Belial’s infernal patron was attempting to steal the Essence Stones from the pocket plane where they were being stored.

The imp opened a door into the pocket plane, where they encountered a shifting landscape, filled with visions and projections of past fears and battles. After fighting past many of these projections, the party encounters one of the band of hunters: a four-armed bull demon and a pack of imps. They defeat the hunters, and proceed to track down the other groups sent by the patron.

After facing more projections, they defeat two other infernal warlocks. The other hunters flee back to the mortal world. For the moment, the Essence Stones have been saved from the clutches of Belial’s patron.


JKurtz JKurtz

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