Tales of the Crescent Sea

Session Eight

Out of the Grave, Into the Fire

In the aftermath of the party’s victory over Tazdorim, they searched and looted the camp. They found a letter that Tazdorim was writing, to his unnamed brother, who apparently was serving as a courtier in the capital of the nation of Gower.

The letter revealed that Tazdorim had been hired by Kinrasha to watch over the essence crystal she had found: it was the distilled and concentrated fragment of the Dead God’s Soul, flung across time and space. The sorcerer, however, had other plans, and conducted research to further his own ambitions, and also his brother’s. Tazdorim’s letter implied that his brother was involved in a cult that worshiped the Dead God.

With this information in hand, the party made the return march to Soratos. They encountered ankhegs that harried the party, slaying several allied mercenaries. The twisted nature of the Prophet’s Grave seemed to resurrect the beasts, recreating their essence in a repeated hunt. The party continued to flee south.

After encamping at an old fort filled with ancient but unrotted bodies, they awoke to find themselves in the midst of a great battle: an echo of a great conflict from eons past. After Belial taunted the leader of one of the armies, Garryk intervened and negotiated safe passage. The party continued to flee, escaping the echo of that ancient battle.

They made it back to Shieldrest, the trading town south of the Grave. Upon returning to Soratos, the Eldritch Prince they had met before intercepted them, thanking them for their service and rewarding them.

After recuperating and trading, the party set sail for the dwarven Clanlands, in pursuit of Kinrasha.

They headed for a port of Clan Gorrun, a dwarven trading clan along the coast. There, they learned that Kinrasha had indeed been through the port, recruiting mercenaries and investigating the local embassy of Clan Norvar. Belial devised a ruse in which he took Kinrasha’s appearance and marched through the city, attracting attention. Four dwarves of Clan Norvar attempted to attack, before being intercepted by Wil.

The leader of the band, named Eberk, revealed that Kinrasha had come to the embassy for a cordial meeting, and had tea with the ambassador, Vistra, and her daughter, Finnerel. Kinrasha poisoned and cursed Finnerel’s tea, sending her into a comatose state. Kinrasha blackmailed Vistra into giving her a writ of passage and a letter giving Kinrasha an invitation into Clan Norvar’s royal court.

The party headed for the embassy, where they met the beleaguered Vistra and her comatose daughter. Wil’s holy magic healed the poison, but young Finnerel’s body was used as a channel for Kinrasha herself, who taunted the party. She then left the girl’s body, and Finnerel was saved.

Vistra enlisted the party’s aid in tracking down Kinrasha and stopping her, before Vistra’s involvement with the drow was revealed. If Vistra’s aid to Kinrasha was discovered, then she and her family could risk death or exile. She agreed to help arrange for a dwarven airship to speed them along to the Norvar capital so they could beat Kinrasha there.


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